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Multi-Channel All-in-One Messaging Platform


Our complete Multi Channel Messaging Platform makes sure you’re heard by letting you send your messages where they’ll be read - via SMS, Email, Voice, or online through our Live Chat.

Speak up
Stand out
Be heard

Speak up. Stand out. Be heard

There are a million reasons to use a multi-channel messaging platform. What's yours?


Drive and Convert Sales

Fantastic customer service, personalized messaging, and innovative communication tactics - this trifecta is the base for an engaged audience, loyal users, increased traffic, and a more successful business.

Stand Out

Everyone is looking for a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. Set yourself apart by showing your audience that you care about them, their time, and their inbox.

Invaluable Insights

Gather indispensable data and analytics to continue optimizing your messaging and communication. It’s a digital, data-driven world, and we want to help you stay on top of your game.


Captivate and Delight

Expectations for awesome user engagement and exceptional customer care are higher than ever. Captivate your audience and delight your customers with your remarkable communication skills.

Speak “Human”

Wave automated and robotic messaging goodbye, and open your arms to the new, human way of communicating. Personalized messages in the right inbox is the best way to speak human.

When and How it Matters

Your customers, prospects, and users have different needs and preferences. Target them with the right message, at the right time, via the right channel to maximize the impact of your communication.

Any where. Any how. Any time.

Personalize your communication and engagement by reaching your audience the way they want to be reached.

Any where.
any how.
any time.

Any where. Any how. Any time.

Personalize your communication and engagement by reaching your audience the way they want to be reached.

We have been successfully using VuduMobile text-messaging platform for 3 years and VuduMobile has always cared about our needs and expectations to ensure the best possible service.

Véronique Maurer

Digital Develoment Manager TEL-JEUNES

VuduMobile platform is an amazing tool to quickly communicate with people. Since we use it, the speed of placements has increased exponentially.

Daniel Leclerc

President and Business Development Director 1004

Thanks to VuduMobile text-messaging solution, we are initiating innovative projects to stand out from our competitors and to generate revenues from new sources.

Carol Tremblay

Radio and Web Sales Director FM93

The VuduMobile SMS application is very straightforward and it has been quickly adopted by all our on-air personalities.

Christine Dicaire

Marketing, Communications and Promotions Director 96.9 CKOI

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