Bulk Emailing for Businesses

Keep in touch with your audience through their most-used inbox; their email

Get your messages across through the least intrusive form of communication: Email.

Email remains the most common communication channel used by businesses. And if used as part of an multi-channel communication system, could also be one of the most effective.

Mass Emailing and Broadcasting for Business
Mass Emailing and Broadcasting for Business

Expand your Reach

There isn’t an easier way to reach more people than by using the most widely used communication channel between consumers and businesses.

Stay Connected

Remain connected to your audience by delivering relevant and important messages quickly and easily with the power of email.

Build Trust and Loyalty

Build a relationship of trust and reliability with your audience by delivering important notifications in bulk when and where they matter.

Mass Emailing and Broadcasting for Business
Mass Emailing and Broadcasting for Business

Start reaching your audience’s inbox with just a few clicks

Engaging your audience by email doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Bulk Emailing

Whether it’s to send important reminders, daily updates, or crucial notifications, you are only one click away from reaching your audience, improving your brand awareness, and building relationships.

Your Messages. Your Schedule.

You already have a million things on your mind and on your to-do list. Schedule your campaigns and emails to stay connected with your audience easily, automatically, and without worry.


Control and Segment Contacts

Your data and contacts are your own. Import and export your contacts as necessary to keep your lists relevant and up-to-date. You can also segment your contacts into groups to keep your audience engaged with pertinent emails.

Measure Performance

We never want to leave you in the dark. VuduMobile’s platform includes email reports to help you measure your performance. Monitor the number of emails you send so ensure your engagement and messaging efforts are on track with your goals.

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