SMS Text Messaging for Business

Unleash the power of text messaging for businesses


Turn Engagement Challenges into Engagement Opportunities with the power of text messaging for businesses.

Captivate your audience with personalized, relevant messaging through the most immediate, effective, and convenient communication channel: SMS.

Text Messaging Services for Businesses
Text Messaging Services for Businesses

User Engagement

Attract and delight your users with relevant and timely messages, directly in their pockets.

Marketing text messaging

Drive traffic to your stores with personalized promotions they actually want to receive.

Text Messaging: Instant Communication

Never type the same SMS text message more than once. Create helpful saved replies that free you up to do more awesome things.

Text Messaging Services for Businesses
Text Messaging Services for Businesses

Power your communications with a robust, enterprise-grade platform

Features that meet your every need and exceed your demanding expectations.

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Keyword Auto-replies

Program whatever keyword you like to set automatic replies for whatever your need may be - confirming appointments, getting daily updates, status reports - the possibilities are endless!

Text-to Features

Create interactive content with our dynamic text-to features to prompt your users to join your list, vote for their favorite item, donate to their favorite charity, cancel and book appointments, and so much more!

Segmented and Personalized Conversations

Build customized lists and segments to ensure your contacts get personalized and relevant messages that keep them delighted and engaged with your business. You can also create private and secure chat rooms for your most precious conversations.


Bulk Alerts and Messages

Quickly and easily send alerts and messages in bulk for time sensitive and critical information to your users, clients, and even employees. Increase the loyalty and reliability to you and your business with immediate messaging to inform of service interruptions, delays, and critical events.

Long Numbers and Short Codes

Aim for familiarity by registering your business line to send messages through a number your audience recognizes. You can also aim for utility by using a 5-number short code to ensure your code is never forgotten.

Worldwide Coverage

Text your audience in Canada, the United States, and in over 150 other countries. We partner with hundred of operators around the world to ensure that every message you send is delivered.

Text with your Business’ Phone Number!

You can use your business’ current phone number to text your audience! Use the field below to validate the availability of your business’ phone number – or to check the availability of any other long number or short code: (for numbers in North America)

Long Code

Short Code

Enter your 11 digits starting with “1”Ex: 1 234 567 8910

Enter a 5 or 6 digit numberEx: 123456


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