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Born from a passion for communication

Our Mission

VuduMobile was created by individuals with a passion to improve communication and engagement between businesses and their users and customers. As such, our mission is quite simple: We want to provide you with the best multi-channel messaging tools, along with exceptional customer care, to bring out the communication and engagement champion that we know lies within you.

No matter your type, shape, or size, VuduMobile’s multi-channel messaging platform has the power, technology, and experience to meet your every need and exceed your demanding expectations.

Serving big and small since 2012

Our Journey in Numbers


When it all started. Our 6 years of operations are backed by over 30 years of experience.


Our network reaches over 150 different countries and regions so no one is left in the dark.


The number of messages sent via the VuduMobile multi-channel messaging platform.


Acquired by ATW Tech with a vision to develop the world’s most innovative interactive communication solutions.

Our Journey in Numbers


Ghislain Dallaire

General Manager

Part of the ATW Tech Family

ATW Tech Interactive Solutions

VuduMobile is a subsidiary of ATW Tech, a holding company specializing in interactive solutions. In addition to VuduMobile, ATW Tech operates VoxTel (specializing in payment solutions), and AtmanCo (specializing in human capital solutions). The entirety of ATW Tech operates under one roof, so we all share resources, challenges, successes, and most importantly, fun.

Join us on our adventure!

Do you live and breathe communication? Are you passionate about customer engagement and awesome messaging? How do you feel about exceptional customer care?

If these values are engrained within you, and are looking for a fun, innovative, and challenging environment for your skills to shine, then we may just be a match made in heaven.

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