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Platform with less than 1000 messages per month.

Applicable fee of $ 495 for platform activation.

Enter your details and a representative will call you back to inform you of the details of your contract.

What to expect

  1. A VUDU representative will contact you within the next 48 hours.
  2. Minimum 12 month subscription.

Get a walkthrough and learn to engage your audience through:

  • Different communication and messaging channels (SMS, email, and Live Chat);
  • Awesome engagement features (bulk messaging, contests, etc.);
  • Powerful insights and reporting;
  • And a whole bunch of other awesome features!

Order Summary:

VUDU Plateform :      CND$ 125.00* (this amount will be billed monthly)

Activation :                   CND$ 495.00
TPS/TVH :                     CND$   31.00
TVQ :                             CND$   61.85

Total Amount :            CND$ 712.85