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VuduMobile Aquisition by AtmanCo


Dear clients, providers, partners and friends of VuduMobile,

During those past two years and thanks to its unique mobile web application, VuduMobile has experienced a remarkable growth and has become a leader in messaging services in Québec. To keep building on this success and to broaden its horizons, VuduMobile has closed a transaction with AtmanCo (TSX-V: ATW). The acquisition of all the actions of Vudumobile by AtmanCo has been announced on October 3rd 2017. AtmanCo is a public company based in Montréal, leader in information technology and owner of several web platforms including VoxTel, Québec Rencontres, Atman and Bloomed. The development of text messaging is one of the top priorities for AtmanCo in the years to come.


Our priority in the years ahead: the text messaging web application

We would like to inform our clients and providers that developing the VuduMobile brand and its text messaging application remains our priority. Sylvain Langlois and Jean-René Auger will respectively stay as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer.

We look forward to the upcoming months and years with enthusiasm. This new bond with AtmanCo will give VuduMobile the chance to increase its development and to expand its services in Québec, as well as in Canada and internationally.

VuduMobile est en affaires depuis 2012. Nous sommes très fiers du chemin parcouru et des partenariats d’affaires gagnants établis avec nos clients.

VuduMobile exists since 2012. We are very proud of the road covered so far and of the strong partnerships built with our clients. This transaction confirms VuduMobile position as a major leader in text messaging in Québec. We will communicate with each of our clients in the next days and weeks to follow-up and ensure a smooth transition.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you have any question, please contact us at 514 613 6000 (phone or SMS) or send us an email at